How You Can Help Protect Women’s Rights

Women’s rights are under attack in developing countries. One of the most sacred and important times of a woman’s life is pregnancy and childbirth. Women should have the right to a safe pregnancy; women should have the right to health care; they should have the right to bring a healthy child into the world and see it thrive. For thousands of women living in poverty, these rights are denied to them every day.

Fortunately, there is one charity working to bring about gender equality by promoting women’s rights in developing countries by giving them access to medical care and support; a new women and children’s non-profit charity called Little Hearts Fund (LHF).

Women’s Rights in Developing Countries

All women deserve the right to safe and supported pregnancies and births. Many of us take medically assisted births and pre- and postnatal care for granted, but these luxuries are denied to thousands of mothers living in poverty. It is hard for us to imagine experiencing pregnancy and childbirth without even basic medical attention, let alone carrying a child without adequate nutrition, but for thousands of women, this is their daily reality.

Women living in poverty and malnutrition in developing countries are severely disadvantaged. Women’s rights to health care and safe pregnancies are ignored, as each year hundreds of thousands of mothers die in childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications.

The divide between women living in developed countries and those in impoverished developing countries is very stark:

  • In developing countries, women are up to 300 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications or in childbirth than their developed country counterparts
  • Women’s risk of maternal death in developing countries is between 1 in 76 and 1 in 7 versus 1 in 8000 in developed countries
  • 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries
  • An estimated 830 women die every day due to preventable pregnancy and birth complications
  • Most maternal deaths are preventable

In addition to their lack of medical assistance, disadvantaged women’s rights to give birth to a healthy child are under siege, with many mothers losing their precious children to stillbirth and infant mortality. Every year millions of children born to disadvantaged women are stillborn or die in infancy. Like maternal mortality, most cases of infant mortality and stillbirth are preventable. The reality is that poverty and the obstruction of women’s rights are the causes of death for most of these underprivileged women and their children.

Supporting Gender Equality Through Charitable Work

In response to the lack of women’s rights in impoverished communities, and to promote gender equality, Little Hearts Fund has set up several initiatives to support women empowerment. The charity aims to save women and their children by providing life-saving health care and nutritious food, giving women the chance to survive and thrive.

Some of the initiatives in place to support women’s rights include:

  • Locating poverty-stricken pregnant women and girls
    LHF volunteers scout poor provinces searching for women in need of help.
  • Enrolment of pregnant women in health care
    By monitoring expectant mothers’ health and providing any necessary medicines and supplements LHF supports women’s rights to supported pregnancies and health care
  • Provision of nutritious groceries to expectant and new mothers and their children
    Malnutrition can be deadly, so this charity provides healthy groceries to pregnant women, new mothers, and young children to support women’s rights to nutrition and health
  • Midwife care for all pregnancies
    Every pregnancy is attended by a trained midwife. Most maternal deaths in developing countries are preventable; all these women need is proper care and attention during labor and birth.
  • Hospital admission for complicated pregnancies
    If patients experience difficulties during labor and birth LHF ensures they are admitted to hospital and given the expert care that they need.

The World Health Organization claims that most maternal fatalities are preventable. The main barriers to women surviving pregnancy are poverty, lack of information and lack of access to medical aid. Women’s rights to safe pregnancies cannot be ignored any longer.

How Women Empowerment Can Change the Future

It is incredibly cruel that women suffer and die in the process of bringing a precious new life into the world, or lose their child to stillbirth or infant mortality because of poverty and malnutrition, but sadly this is the fate of thousands of women every year.

Women empowerment starts with gender equality. If women are to be empowered, they must first be able to live their lives free from fear, illness, and restriction. LHF gives women living in poverty a chance to survive and thrive by saving thousands of lives and providing nourishment and support to new mothers.

By breaking the cycle of poverty, Little Hearts Fund gives women the chance to take control of their futures. Instead of facing the daily struggle to find enough food to eat they are nourished and supported by the dedicated volunteers at LHF.

The future looks brighter for women thanks to this inspiring charity, but they cannot do it all on their own. Please donate generously to help LHF fight for women’s rights and gender equality.

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