Suzanne D.

Suzanne has a big heart for helping women and children, especially during the prenatal phase as she has personally experienced the tragedy of a stillbirth. With 4 sons it was Suzanne’s dream to have a girl to make the family complete. One day she received news from her Doctor that her dream had come true, she finally had a baby girl growing in her womb. As 8 months went by the bond between Suzanne and her unborn daughter was unbreakable. Every moment was shared together, every movement and every kick of her daughter’s little feet in her tummy.

As her water broke early she was raced to the emergency room for delivery. After going thru the painful process of delivery she felt exhausted yet overjoyed that her dream of having a daughter had become a reality until the Doctor broke the terrible news by pronouncing her daughter dead on arrival. Receiving her long-awaited daughter into her arms for the first time and looking into her big blue lifeless eyes was absolutely devastating for Suzanne. “The level of pain and heart-ache of holding your beautiful but lifeless child cannot be described with words”, Suzanne explained.  “Immediately you reflect back to the previous months of pregnancy to retrace your steps and try to come up with an answer of what went wrong or what you could have done better. The desire to go back in time to try and do things differently is gut-wrenching, yet impossible.”

The most tragic fact is that this catastrophe is happening to pregnant women thousands of times every day in developing countries. We cannot comprehend this level of devastation, but we can certainly prevent it, as more than 92% of these deaths are preventable with simple nutrition and basic medical attention. “For my daughter, it is too late to prevent her death, but for millions of other pregnant women there is still time.”

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