Marko A.

“I personally lost my first sister to a prenatal death. I sometimes think about what life would be like if she survived. Her death destroyed a good part of my mother’s life and sent shock-waves through our entire family.  Every year when we remember her death the pain is equally as hard to bear, especially for my mum who feels the pain and anguish on a level I cannot imagine.

To think there are thousands of new mothers and newborn children dying every day due to malnutrition and lack of healthcare is truly heart breaking and must be stopped urgently, as mothers and newborn children are the backbone of our population. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help as it’s a very fulfilling and satisfying thing to do.”

I’ve lived and traveled all over South-East Asia for 16 years so I’ve seen poverty in action for a good portion of my life. Seeing people suffering is always an emotional experience for me, especially when a child is involved. During my travel through poor provinces, I was often moved to tears at the tragedy these people were living on a daily basis. Although I felt moments of joy when I gave something or helped someone, the happiness was quickly moved to hopelessness as I continued my journey, realizing the overwhelming demand for help that is needed.

I was shocked to find out that there are already thousands of charities taking trillions of dollars in donations to supposedly help these poor people. In my 16 years of traveling through poor provinces in Asia, I have never once seen a charity truck or a charity representative helping any poor person. I’ve never seen them handing out food to starving families or escorting the sick to hospitals. In all my investigations I’ve never heard of any charity funding the healthcare for these poor mothers who are suffering without it.  Maybe it happens somewhere, but I’ve never seen it in all my travels, which means it’s not happening enough to make a dent in this problem.  It also means that the money these charities receive is not being used effectively in South-East Asia, as a few billion dollars is enough to completely eradicate hunger and poverty in Asia, yet no positive effect can be seen.

These facts are what made me step forward to support Little Hearts Fund. I often thought to help in a more significant way but until LHF came along I never had the outlet. Now I have the opportunity and position to expose the suffering and make sure funds are forwarded directly to the people who need it most. No CEO’s being paid millions of dollars, no high percentages being swallowed up in administration fees, just good old-fashioned donating and volunteering to help people!

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