Joanne D.

“Before launching LHF I was donating money every month to one of the big popular charities, but I felt helpless that I did not know where my money was going or if the charity was spending my donations with integrity. Now Little Hearts Fund is receiving my donations I know for a fact that my money is feeding women most in need and saving their babies lives.

Each year millions of babies are dying from easily preventable causes. One in five babies live in poverty and therefore have no healthy food or medical.  I’m so happy that Little Hearts Fund exists because it raises money to deliver food and medicine to sick mothers and babies. For a pregnant mum living in poverty without hope, it is a dream come true to receive free gifts such as weekly grocery deliveries, medical check-ups and the knowledge that the life of their unborn child is in good hands. I love Little Heart’s fund because they don’t just say they will help but they really care for the poor mothers and children in this world who cannot afford life’s essentials.

There’s so much poverty and hunger in South-East Asia that a good meal and access to healthcare is available only to the rich.  A majority of pregnant women go their entire life without tasting a nutritious meal and so many die at home while trying to give birth without any medical assistance. I devote myself to Little Hearts Fund because this tragedy is truly heartbreaking and is happening thousands of times every single day, without any public knowledge.

It’s my dream to volunteer for Little Hearts Fund because I can give a voice to women who cannot be heard. Little Hearts Fund gives dying women and babies the exact help they need to survive.”

I love Little Hearts Fund because it has a clear and simple Mission to convert donations into meals and healthcare for women and children who would almost certainly die without it.

LITTLE HEARTS FUND | Saving Women and Children in Poverty