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Magly D.

Magly is very passionate about the Little Hearts initiative due to her concern for the welfare of pregnant women and their children.  By speaking with Magly you quickly realize that she has great enthusiasm and an emotional connection to our cause. She truly cares about our mission and wants to help save the lives of […]

Beth N.

“I leaped at the chance to be involved with LHF. My sister-in-law experienced gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Fortunately, as an Australian citizen with private healthcare, she received expert care and support enabling her to carry my nephew to full term and deliver him safely. For so many women, complications like gestational diabetes can be deadly […]

Becki R.

Becki is a mother of four living in California’s Gold Country. After the happy experiences of her own pregnancies, she became interested in the science of obstetrics and that little bit of magic that goes into creating a brand new human being. She feels lucky to live in a place where a healthy pregnancy is […]


“It’s a great privilege to help someone during their most desperate time of need. Little Hearts Fund is the instrument we use to extend our hands to those who desperately need our help to survive. I love this charity because caring for those most in need and sharing what we have with them is made […]

Andrea R.

“I have always had a heart for helping others and it’s important to me that my children learn from my example. Before I joined the LHF Team I was already volunteering to help sick people 7 days a week. I cannot stand to see people suffer without doing everything in my power to help them. […]

Suzanne D.

Suzanne has a big heart for helping women and children, especially during the prenatal phase as she has personally experienced the tragedy of a stillbirth. With 4 sons it was Suzanne’s dream to have a girl to make the family complete. One day she received news from her Doctor that her dream had come true, […]

Marko A.

“I personally lost my first sister to a prenatal death. I sometimes think about what life would be like if she survived. Her death destroyed a good part of my mother’s life and sent shock-waves through our entire family.  Every year when we remember her death the pain is equally as hard to bear, especially […]

Anabel P.

Anabel suffered with ‘Placenta Previa’ during her 3rd pregnancy, causing much anxiety for her entire family.  It was very stressful for Anabel to live each day without knowing if her unborn child would survive delivery. “I remember the panic and fear of not knowing if I could ever look at my baby’s smiling face.  During […]

Shane G.

Shane has a very warm, caring heart and genuinely loves helping those in need as much as possible!  With an extensive background of volunteering to run manage assignments for other charities in the past, she is certainly no stranger to charity work. Shane loves our cause at Little Hearts Fund because it relates to her […]

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