2 COR 8:14 – “Now at this time your abundance can supply their need…that there may be equality.”

PROBLEM #1:  More than 3,000,000 babies die every year in developing countries from treatable and preventable causes. 

Due to the extremely high rate of malnutrition among pregnant women in developing countries, unborn babies lack the vital nutrients they need to develop a strong little body. This causes the child to start life at greatly disadvantaged with a critically low immune system. In a weak and vulnerable state, a child’s little body is powerless to fight off simple problems such as infections, diarrhea or even just a minor injury.

PROBLEM #2:  In poverty, even the most basic treatments are financially unattainable.

Although such illness is easily treatable, in many cases it becomes fatal for the poor child as the mother cannot afford the simplest treatment, even when her baby’s life depends on it.  When living in poor conditions, even a scratch can take the life of a newborn child as it can quickly develop into a life-threatening infection.  In this scenario, a basic remedy as simple as a band-aid or ointment is an unaffordable luxury item. 


SOLUTION:  Provide the basic yet essential and life-saving needs of newborn babies and children in poverty.

In the Program ‘Locate & Help’ Little Hearts Fund conducts and extensive search-and-rescue-style campaign to find pregnant women in poverty for the purpose of enrolling them in Healthcare and providing them with food and other essential needs. During that campaign LHF also seeks to find children under-5 with immediate health concerns so as to provide their essential needs.

Providing essential needs for children under 5 (especially newborns) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to stop preventable deaths, due to the fact that approximately 75% of all under-5 deaths occur within the first year of life. This life-saving program is especially urgent in Southeast Asia as it experiences more neonatal (newborn) deaths than all of the Americas, Europe, and Western Pacific combined. 

Newborn babies and young children are the most precious and innocent people on our planet, absolutely deserving of our care. “True justice is when you defend those least able to defend themselves.”


$32 Buys a ‘Newborn Essentials Kit’ for a baby in poverty.

Babies born into poverty have nothing, often not even a blanket to cover them on a cold night. In their weak and vulnerable state, having their needs met is essential when being introduced into the world. The newborn essentials kit includes the basics required to care for a newborn baby’s health and hygiene. Please donate at least one to a baby born into poverty.

Donate $32

$18 Buys Life-saving Medication For a Sick Child 

In worst-case-scenarios medication is required when treating a child with a serious and immediate health concern. In such cases –if funds are available- we provide life-saving medication. The typical cost of medication necessary to save one child’s life is usually not less than $18.

Donate $18

PROBLEM #1:  Healthcare coverage during pregnancy is vital, yet unaffordable for women in poverty, claiming millions of lives every year.

W.H.O documented that thousands of pregnant women dying every day in Southeast Asia, predominantly due to lack of antenatal care during the pregnancy-phase.
Additionally, there are many thousands of stillbirths occurring every year, again due to the high price of antenatal care without healthcare coverage. For the newborn babies that survive these terrible conditions, more than 44% die within the first 28 days due to being either underweight, extremely weak or born with a curable sickness that was not treated.
Most of these deaths are prevented when women have healthcare coverage during their pregnancy.

PROBLEM #2:  Most impoverished women have no registered address, making it difficult to locate and help them.

In Southeast Asia, it’s easy to see pregnant women begging for food and coins on the street, but finding all impoverished pregnant women is very difficult. Impoverished people typically do not have a registered address and therefore tend to wander and sleep in a variety of areas including stairways, under bridges, behind buildings or along sidewalks and roads where they have access to beg passing traffic.

For impoverished women who do have a fixed location, it’s typically a make-shift hut in a slum, without a registered address. Such factors make locating and helping poor women very difficult.

SOLUTION:  Thoroughly search each province to locate and enroll every poor pregnant woman in healthcare.

We do not want to help just some pregnant women living in poverty. It’s our goal to locate every pregnant woman in poverty to give them free Healthcare so they can receive the attention needed for a safe pregnancy. Therefore, to eliminate preventable maternal deaths in developing countries we need to locate ALL of them. A comprehensive canvassing campaign is required to locate all women in desperate need of our help. Little Hearts Fund will progressively execute a methodical search in every poor province in Southeast Asia. Upon locating such women, we immediately enroll them in healthcare so they can access the following:
1) Antenatal care – To attain and maintain optimal health for mother and baby, Obstetrician checkups are required more frequently as the delivery date approaches.
2) Medicine – When a pregnant woman or newborn baby is extremely sick, certain medicine may be necessary for their survival.
3) Midwives – During delivery the availability of a midwife and clean birthing kit is absolutely critical.
4) Transportation – In the event that an impoverished mother cannot attend her Antenatal visits due to living too far away and/or not having a mode of transport, Little Hearts Fund a simple means of transportation for her so she can attend.


$8 to Locate And Process a poor pregnant woman for Healthcare

In areas where pregnancy-related death rates are among the highest in the world, every woman enrolled is potentially another two lives saved. Our search parties go out in groups of 2 for security, searching areas where the poor typically reside such as slums and abandoned areas. On average every $8 equates to another poor pregnant woman found.

Donate $8

$92 provides a pregnant woman with Healthcare coverage for 1 Year

Every $92 provides Healthcare coverage for an expectant mother during the entire phase of her pregnancy. This enables her to receive Antenatal care which is vital for the health of both herself and her unborn child.

Donate $92

PROBLEM #1:  Millions of pregnant women are suffering from malnutrition with no access to proper food.

During pregnancy daily nutrition is absolutely essential to the healthy development of an unborn child in the womb as the only nutrients received by the baby are those available in the mother’s body. Sadly, the majority of impoverished pregnant women endure malnutrition on a daily basis, forced to eat scraps from the trash.
On a good day they may enjoy a small bowl of stale white rice with fatty scraps of rotten meat discarded by its original owner, however, these contain no nutritional value. A pregnant woman’s body has the greatest demand for nutrients to nourish her unborn child. This type of pitiful diet quickly sends her body spiraling into a state of malnutrition, creating a series of health complications for both herself and her unborn child. Her immune system drops to critically low levels, creating an extremely dangerous environment for both mother and baby.

PROBLEM #2:  Malnutrition causes millions of maternal deaths every year.

A malnourished mother is exposed to high risk of maternal death due to a variety of reasons. For one, malnutrition causes her immune system to drop to critically low levels, exposing her to a range of life-threatening sicknesses, resulting in extreme weakness. Strength, endurance and vitality are all needed to give a successful birth without medical intervention, especially during a complicated delivery. Unfortunately though -for millions of impoverished pregnant women each year- their state of malnutrition results in their death either before, during or shortly after giving birth.

PROBLEM #3:  Malnutrition causes millions of prenatal and neonatal deaths every year.

The body of a malnourished mother wreaks havoc on her baby struggling to grow and develop in her womb. An irregular flow of nutrients makes way for an array of serious life-threatening birth defects including sickness, prematurity, low birth-weight, physical deformities and ultimately, miscarriage or stillbirth. For babies who miraculously survive delivery in these poor conditions, more than 44% die within the first 28 days of life.

PROBLEM #4:  Donating money to poor people is ineffective for preventing malnutrition.

Money donated to the Little Hearts Fund is closely monitored and spent on the exact purpose it was donated for. All donations toward LHF’s Program ‘Provide Sustenance’ go toward providing impoverished pregnant women with a stable nutritious diet in order to nourish the growth and development of her unborn child.

For this reason, cash cannot simply be given to poor people with instructions to strictly only shop for nutritional food, as studies reveal that monetary donations directly into the hands of poor people are very rarely spent in the best ways.

The reason is that people living in poverty have a long list of things they desperately want and need to buy. Unfortunately, nutritious food is rarely at the top of that list. In addition to this, the responsibility of spending the donation on nutrition cannot fairly be delegated to pregnant women living in poverty due to external influences.

Women in Southeast Asia are typically vulnerable to having money taken from them by their partner, family members or even thieves. Clearly, the guarantee of precise money management does not exist, therefore, handing money directly to poor pregnant women in Southeast Asia will most-likely result in an unacceptably low success-rate.

SOLUTION:  Donations go toward purchasing and hand-delivering groceries to every woman living in poverty.

Rather than the ‘spray-and-pray’ approach, Little Hearts Fund delivers boxes of carefully selected food items with high nutritional value. Weekly deliveries are scheduled to ensure the items are always received fresh and not in such abundance that their risk of loss to external influence is a significant factor, as poor women in Southeast Asia have little/no protection against theft. Weekly delivery of daily meal-packs also minimizes the temptation of resale and bartering.
One of the cornerstone items included in the box is RUTF (Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods). These include therapeutic milk and nutrition bars which are high in complex-carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients designed for rapid treatment of malnutrition. RUTF is ideal for this cause as they are easy to transport, they don’t spoil without refrigeration and require no preparation skills.

SummaryLHF prevents malnutrition in pregnant women and babies by hand-delivering:

1) Nutritional Groceries – scheduled once per week, every week.

2) RUTF – specific to pregnant women, minimizing her risk of theft.

3) Supplements – Included in the grocery box are a range of select supplements vital to a healthy pregnancy.


$23 Buys Groceries for an Entire Week

Every $23 donated funds the delivery of healthy groceries to a pregnant woman in poverty for an entire week. These essential foods nourish the mother’s body and fuel the development of her baby growing in her womb. The box includes fruits, vegetables,tins of tuna and salmon, and RUTF (Ready-to-eat Therapeutic Foods).

Donate $23

$21 Supplements a Malnourished Pregnant Woman 

When we locate pregnant women in poor health we provide supplementation required to bring her back to stable condition, also beneficial to the development of her unborn child. The average cost of is around $21 subject to how badly neglected her health is. Each treatment is handled uniquely on a case-by-case basis.

Donate $21

PROBLEM #1:  The cost of a Midwife and/or Doctor is unaffordable for poor people in Developing Countries.

Healthcare coverage is beneficial for all kinds of benefits such as Antenatal care, Postpartum care, and life-saving medicines etc.  However, it does not cover every cost involved in giving birth. Midwife and Doctor assistance still costs money, making them unattainable to those without funds.  Complicated birthing procedures -such as a C-section- still come with a premium, making it unaffordable for those living in poverty.

PROBLEM #2:  When Doctors are inaccessible during complicated deliveries, fatalities occur.

When medical intervention is required, lack of access to a Doctor results in almost certain death for either the mother or her baby, or both. Even for successful natural deliveries by malnourished women, life-threatening risks (such as critical weakness) are still a serious factor. In these situations and more, timely medical intervention is often critical to their survival.

SOLUTION:  LHF finances pregnancy-related medical interventions to avoid preventable deaths.

LHF diligently oversee the medical procedures of those we help, to ensure the women and girls receiving medical assistance are being taken care of and are receiving the correct treatment.
Donations to LHF go toward funding the cost of medical procedures for:

1) Natural deliveries

2) Complicated deliveries

3) New mothers in critical condition


$25 Provides a Midwife For One Desperate Mother In Poverty

The availability of a midwife and clean birthing kit during delivery is absolutely critical to the health of both mother and child. Unfortunately for pregnant women in poverty, a midwife is an unaffordable luxury.  Please fund a midwife and clean birthing kit so a new mother and child can have a fresh start.

Donate $25

$270 Funds Medical Interventions for Complicated Deliveries

When emergencies arise we utilize donations to fund medical interventions. Every year hundreds of thousands of new mothers in poverty died due to having a complicated delivery without a Doctor present. Most of these tragic deaths can be prevented with medical attention.

Donate $270

$180 Provides Life Support for Newborn Babies In Critical Condition

Donations made here go toward providing vital postnatal care for newborn babies in unstable health conditions. The most dangerous time in a baby’s life is the first month. More than 2,655,000 babies died last year during their first 28 days of life.  These precious lives can be saved if funds are available. 

Donate $180

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what need does Little Hearts Fund address?

There are tens of thousands of preventable pregnancy-related deaths occurring in Southeast Asia every single day. Pregnant women are dying due to malnutrition and illnesses that could have easily been prevented/cured.

Tragic deaths of both mothers and unborn babies because midwives were unaffordable during complicated deliveries. Precious newborn babies dying in their mother’s arms before reaching 28 days of life due to critical weakness and/or sickness left untreated since birth.

The fact that these tragedies are continuously ongoing day-after-day is completely unacceptable! They must stop, and we know how to stop them!

What does Little Hearts Fund aim to accomplish?

Every pregnant woman deserves a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of her newborn child. This is her right as a human being.

Just because a woman lives in poverty and lacks access to employment it does not mean that she -or her baby- should receive a death sentence caused by our neglect. Likewise, every newborn deserves a fighting chance at life no matter how poor their mother is.

Every child deserves a promising chance at survival, regardless of what country they’re from. Now, with the far-reaching internet, donations of those who care and the determination of loving volunteers, every pregnant woman can have a real shot at a successful delivery, and every newborn baby can have a fighting chance at reaching their 1st birthday.

What are LHF's strategies for making this happen?

Our surplus prevents the unnecessary deaths of both mother and child in poverty. Compared to those in developing countries we live a life of excess and abundance.

We spend $25 on a single meal when that same amount could have nourished a poor pregnant woman for an entire week. The price of one round of drinks can fund the healthcare for the entire phase of a poor woman’s pregnancy. The amount we spend on another pair of shoes can cover the medical bill of a complicated delivery for a young pregnant girl, saving the lives of herself and her baby.

OUR STRATEGY IS to stop these unnecessary deaths by converting your donations into food, healthcare and medical interventions for poor pregnant women/girls and newborn babies who would have certainly died without it.

As stated in 2Cor 8:14 – “Your abundance can supply their need…that there may be equality:”

Province by province, one country at a time we carefully allocate donations until our Mission is fully accomplished in Southeast Asia.

What are your organization's capabilities?

Little Hearts Fund has teams of Volunteers and Human Resources (by means of established/registered ManPower services) on the ground in the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

LHF-governed teams are available to carry out the LHF programs in the poorest provinces and villages, subject to and limited by available funding only. If you want to make a considerable donation but need more detailed information on Program-execution please contact us.

How will Little Hearts Fund track their progress?

LHF has comprehensive database records and tracking systems so as to follow-up on every dollar spent and every needy-person helped (pregnant women/girls and babies).

Counting ‘lives saved’ is possible only in a life-and-death situation (such as extracting people from a burning building or other forms of extreme disaster relief). However, it is not possible to count lives saved in this line of work where we are spearheading the main causes of pregnancy-related deaths such as malnutrition and lack of access to healthcare etc.

Of what we can be absolutely sure are the statistics published by the W.H.O, which provide detailed and accurate statements that pregnancy-related deaths factually:

(1) Occur in Southeast Asia more than the Americas, Europe, and Western Pacific combined;

(2) Predominantly occur in low-income households (most certainly the homeless and those residing in slums);

(3) Are mainly caused by factors directly relating to poverty, namely, malnutrition and lack of access to healthcare services; and

(4) Are predominantly due to easily preventable and treatable causes.

For the above reasons -although counting lives saved in this line of work is impossible- we can positively track our progress by counting the number of people helped since we are targeting the above on all four counts, and providing direct relief to every pregnant woman/girl and child under 5 in poverty and in desperate need of essential provisions and medical assistance.

Is my donation Tax Deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Little Hearts Fund Inc. is a Registered Tax-Exempt 501(c)3 Non-profit Charitable Organization.

How do I get my DGR receipt?

Subject to the amount you donated you will receive your DGR receipt via email.

What happens if the amount I donate is not exact?

100% of donations received by Little Hearts Fund are utilized towards giving Gifts Of Life to those who need it to survive, and furthering the success of our life-saving Mission.  All donations are handled with the utmost care and respect.

Please Donate to Save a Life Today