More than 6 million precious lives are lost every year
that could have been easily prevented
with basic nutrition and healthcare.

If these poor mothers can quickly receive food
and medical these deaths will STOP.

In Southeast Asia

Malnutrition Is Causing


A pregnant woman suffering from acute malnutrition cannot sustain her own life let alone her unborn child too. Women under 20-weeks are suffering a high rate of miscarriages as their bodies lack the vital nutrients required to promote the development of an unborn child.


An increasingly large number of malnourished women in Southeast Asia are giving birth to babies with disfiguring deformities. One of the main causes is that the pregnant mother’s diet lacks in basic nutrients for extended periods of time, typically weeks at a time.

Preterm births

Premature, underweight and in critical condition. Very sadly, in Southeast Asia medical intervention is a luxury that cannot be afforded by most mothers-to-be. In such poor conditions, the majority of preterm babies die within hours from the time of delivery.


Words cannot describe the pain that a mother experiences when her new baby is delivered as dead-on-arrival. With millions of stillbirths occurring in poverty every year, the greatest threat to a pregnant woman in Southeast Asia is her high probability of giving birth to a stillbirth-baby.

Neonatal deaths

There is nothing a new mother could experience more devastating than her newborn baby dying shortly after being born. It’s hard to believe that despite other charities receiving trillions in donations, newborn death-rates have only declined 0.2% over the last 20 years.

Maternal deaths

When a pregnant woman’s body suffers extreme weakness she cannot produce enough energy to endure contractions, childbirth or post-natal distress. Due to the high rate of malnutrition in Southeast Asia, many new mothers are dying either during or immediately after delivery.

Without Healthcare

Without a midwife or Doctor present during a complicated delivery, the mother and her unborn child will often die.

Babies born in poverty are extremely vulnerable during the first 28 days of life, accounting for more than 45% of deaths of children under-5 in developing countries.

Despite charities taking TRILLIONS of dollars in donations
No significant improvements are being made.
Pregnant women and babies
continue to die by the millions.
More than 30 Million lost over the last 5 years..

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How We Make a Difference

We make it possible for you to prevent the deaths of pregnant women and newborn babies by delivering your donated Gift of Life.

Little Hearts Fund works together with the Top 3 ENAP Initiatives:

ENAP (Every Newborn Action Plan) sets out a clear vision of how to reduce stillbirths, neonatal rates and maternal deaths.

ENAP builds on the United Nations EWEC (Every Woman Every Child) movement by taking specific actions to improve health care for pregnant women and newborn babies.

1. Improve care during labor, birth and the first week of life.Most deaths of mother and child occur within this period. These deaths can easily be prevented.

2. Improve the quality of maternal and newborn care.By providing high-quality care to mothers and babies during this critical time, lives can be saved.

3. Reach every woman and newborn to reduce inequities. Having access to high-quality health care without suffering financial hardship is a human right.


“I love Little Hearts Fund because it has a clear and simple Mission to convert donations into meals and healthcare for women and children who would almost certainly die without it.”

– Joanne

Joanne D.

“Before launching LHF I was donating money every month to one of the big popular charities, but I felt helpless that I did not know where my money was going or if the charity was spending my donations with integrity. Now Little Hearts Fund is receiving my donations I know for a fact that my money is feeding women most in need and saving their babies lives.

Read More About Joanne D.

Shane G.

Shane has a very warm, caring heart and genuinely loves helping those in need as much as possible! With an extensive background of volunteering to run manage assignments for other charities in the past. Shane is certainly no stranger to charity work.

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“We must do everything we can to take care of newborn babies as they are the most helpless.”

– Shane

“I love children and am honored to have the privilege to save as many of them as I can.”

– Anabel

Anabel P.

Anabel suffered with ‘Placenta Previa’ during her 3rd pregnancy, causing much anxiety for her entire family. It was very stressful for Anabel to live each day without knowing if her unborn child would survive delivery. “I remember the panic and fear of not knowing if I could ever look at my baby’s smiling face.

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Marko A.

“I personally lost my first sister to a prenatal death. I sometimes think about what life would be like if she survived. Her death destroyed a good part of my mother’s life and sent shockwaves through our entire family. Every year when we remember her death the pain is still there, especially for my mum who feels the anguish on a level I cannot imagine.”

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No CEO’s being paid millions of dollars, no high percentages being swallowed up in administration fees, just good old-fashioned donating and volunteering to help people in need!

– Marko

“For my daughter, it’s too late to prevent her death, but for millions of other pregnant women there is still time.”

– Suzanne

Suzanne D.

Suzanne has a big heart for helping women and children, especially during the prenatal phase as she has personally experienced the tragedy of a stillbirth. With 4 sons it was Suzanne’s dream to have a girl to make the family complete. One day she received news from her Doctor that her dream had come true, she finally had a baby girl growing in her womb.

Read More About Suzanne D.

Becki R.

Becki R. is a mother of four living in California’s Gold Country. After the happy experiences of her own pregnancies, she became interested in the science of obstetrics and that little bit of magic that goes into creating a brand new human being. She feels lucky to live in a place where a healthy pregnancy is a normal reality for most women and has joined the…

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“Women everywhere deserve to enjoy their pregnancy and look forward to the arrival of a healthy child.”

– Beth

Beth N.

I leapt at the chance to be involved with LHF. My sister-in-law experienced gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Fortunately, as an Australian citizen with private healthcare, she received expert care and support enabling her to carry my nephew to full term and deliver him safely. For so many women, complications like gestational diabetes can be…

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Magly D.

Magly is very passionate about the Little Hearts initiative due to her concern for the welfare of pregnant women and their children.  By speaking with Magly you quickly realize that she has great enthusiasm and an emotional connection to our cause. She truly cares about our mission and wants to help save the lives of poor women and children in poverty.  Her high level of…

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“This is wonderful initiative…I’ve not heard of any like this. Most people pay little or no attention to the pregnant women and their little babies living in poverty.”

– Magly

“When we need help we hope in those who have the power to extend a hand to us, so it’s only fair to help those in need when we are the ones with that power to help.”

– Andrea

Andrea R.

“I have always had a heart for helping others and it’s important to me that my children learn from my example. Before I joined the LHF Team I was already volunteering to help sick people 7 days a week. I cannot stand to see people suffer without doing everything in my power to help them. Everyone deserves a chance and everyone needs help at one point or another in their lives.”

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Joy B.

It’s a great privilege to help someone during their most desperate time of need. Little Hearts Fund is the instrument we use to extend our hands to those who desperately need our help to survive. I love this charity because caring for those most in need and sharing what we have with them is made easy with this organization.

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“Little Hearts Fund is the instrument we use to extend our hands to those who need our help to survive.”

– Joy

“Just knowing that millions of babies are dying from malnutrition made me realize that I do have more than enough to share with them.”

– Ahlanis

Ahlanis C.

The biggest reason why I joined the Little Hearts Fund is that I want to help the children who depend on us to survive. I love children and this is the best opportunity I’ve ever had to help them.  Little Hearts Fund makes it possible to give my helping hand and heart to those I care most about – children! Giving increases my capacity to love.

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When you donate food or medical to a pregnant woman in poverty, you can save her life and her newborn child too.

Giving the Gift of Life is a joyful experience.

“The opportunity to prevent a family from suffering the loss of a new child and mother is an amazing privilege that cannot be described with words.”
is such a big thing for them.
Such a little
thing for us…

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