Improving African communities

Agricultural development

Environmental issues

Advancing education

Animal Conservation

Homeless shelters

Scientific research

Refugee asylums

True, those causes are important, but

is there anything more urgent than

saving millions of babies and pregnant women

from easily preventable deaths?

These deaths are mostly due to POVERTY.

Every 5 seconds another precious life is lost

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Gifts of Life

We provide ‘Gifts of Life’ to pregnant women and newborn babies living in poverty.


Your donations fund the weekly delivery of healthy groceries to pregnant women living in poverty. These essential foods nourish the mother's body and fuel the development of her baby growing in her womb.


With every $92 donated another expectant mother can receive Healthcare for the entire phase of her pregnancy. This enables her to receive regular comprehensive antenatal care for her and her baby's health.


We often locate pregnant women in very poor health conditions due to their living in abject poverty.  In these situations we provide supplementation beneficial to the healthy development of her unborn child.


Sometimes prescribed medication is required to treat certain sicknesses during complicated pregnancies. When deemed necessary we provide medicine to ensure the health of the mother and her child.


In developing countries new mothers rarely know the basics about how to care for a newborn. We give each new mum an educational leaflet explaining the basics on ensuring her baby’s survival.


In developing countries a delivery room is a luxury that most cannot afford. When an expectant mother is due we provide a midwife and equipment required for her to perform her duties.


Last year 289,000 women died from pregnancy-related complications.  Most of these tragic deaths could have been prevented with medical attention.  When emergencies arise we fund medical interventions if we have available funds.


The most dangerous time in a baby’s life is the first month.  More than 2,655,000 babies died last year during their first 28 days of life. We provide vital postnatal care for babies, especially for those in unstable health conditions.


Although we focus on saving pregnant women and newborn babies, we have a special place in our heart for babies in critical condition.  Whenever possible we fund life-saving procedures for precious new-born babies.



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